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The volunteering at Team College flowed from consultations with students at the school. Most of them are aged between 15 and 18 and have grown up in a rural community where they live within families reliant on subsistence farming.

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These students have no electricity nor running water at home, most haven't heard of the internet let alone used it, none have seen a film or a TV program, few if any have ever had access to a newspaper to find out what's happening in the world and many have misconceptions about that world based on inaccurate information. For example, one bright 17yr old shook his head in disbelief when he found out the UK and the USA weren't one country called "the west" ~ and there was an ocean between them ~ and that the moon wasn't 100 times larger than the earth and there are other planets out there.

Despite a lack of worldliness these are bright kids, who love school and want success in life and are prepared to work for it. Ruhanga is a poor village but rich in aspiration and these students see volunteers such as yourself as part of their future success.

Unlike some volunteer projects we aren't looking for general volunteers to mill around helping out here and there. Instead are looking for volunteers to fill specific roles within our small school. Here are some of those roles:

Cultural Awareness

The students want workshops and lessons explaining what its like in the rest of the world in terms of lifestyles, customs and cultures. Volunteers would need to bring with them materials and presentations to share with the children and run activities appropriate to this theme.

Internet and Computers

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At the time of writing only four children at the school (and they are all aged 15 to 18yrs) have ever used the internet but most are keen to understand what it is and what benefits it could bring. As such we are looking for volunteers who can work with small groups of students explaining how computers work, what the internet is, what email is, and helping them set up email accounts etc. This is actually great for volunteers who normally end up with some of the students as Facebook friends as an aide to keeping in touch!

English Language Skills

Ideally we would wish to have some volunteers who are TEFL qualified and can go into classrooms and teach English as a foreign language, however even if a volunteer is not qualified they can still run workshops helping the students with their English language skills.


We are also looking for volunteers who can run workshops with the students. Past workshops have included photography, art and design, video production, bike repairs etc. In fact pretty much anything that would add value and interest to the student's lives.

Boarding and 1:1

We have a limited number of boarders at Team College and they, along with day pupils, often benefit from some 1:1 quality time with adults and also to help coach in particular areas of difficulty.


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Our students love sport and would love it if you could organise sports events with them.

That's pretty much it from our school's point of view but if you have something additional to offer please get in touch as we can explore it together. Also don't forget that our volunteering project is part of the wider Ruhanga Community Network that operates in our village so there is also other work to get involved with of you don't want to spend all of your time at our school.

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