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Its as easy a A,B, C to sponsor a child at Team College and your £3 a week (which you can choose to pay weekly, monthly or yearly) will go direct to the child's education and those "little extras" that all students require from time to time.

Our child sponsor program is administered for us by the Ruhanga Community Network ~ we get on and run the school, they provide (at no cost whatsoever as they are manned by volunteers) ~ the back-up services to support our school.

Sponsor a Child Fill out the form below and send it to us. You can choose to upload information about yourself and maybe some photographs of you, your family, where you live etc. You don't have to but our students love seeing photographs. (If you ever visit your sponsored child the first thing they will show you is their photograph album!)

Sponsor a Child Uganda Set up your payment by clicking on the "Be a Sponsor" button below. You can choose to pay weekly, monthly or yearly. Because we have sponsors from across the world we use PayPal which is safe and secure. You don't even need an account just a credit or debit card. Select preferred payment frequency:

Sponsor a School Child Uganda  

Await! We'll get back to you within 24 hrs with up to date information about the child you are now sponsoring. We'll also get them to drop you a  line (if you want) but bear with us during exam periods as the focus is on passing those exams!

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