Volunteer at Team College deep in the heart of rural Uganda!

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Help us build a better future!

Team College is nestled on a hillside in a rural area of south-west Uganda where poverty is rife and the villagers don't have the means to develop facilities at the school. We invite you to join our team and help build a better future for these students in Uganda.

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People sometimes ask why we don't have a collection amongst the parents to try and improve facilities at our school. The harsh reality is that there is no spare money around. This is a very poor community where the average wage is less than 45p a day so there is literally no spare cash for any of the facilities we would want for our students to provide a better learning environment. Yes we can provide the aspiration, belief, quality teaching and community ethos at the school, but we can't provide a library, windows or even a wall for one of the classrooms. Even worse those few students who board with us don't have actual beds, having to sleep on thin mattresses on the floor.

Build a School Uganda

So what difference can you make? Well just having you here makes a great difference to the education we can deliver at Team College as the children will benefit tremendously by having access to English speaking adults on a regular basis. Whilst Team College is an English speaking school, in reality Runyankole is the local language so our students aren't as English fluent as they should be ~ nor are many of the teachers! Having you around will help build that skill set. You'll be pleased to know though that our headmaster and owner of the neighbouring homestay accommodation where you may be staying is a fluent English speaker.

You will also be making a difference through your small volunteering fee. Its just £3 a day but multiply that by weeks and months with different volunteers and it all adds up to help us improve the facilities at Team College.

Build Uganda School

Because we are a small, grassroots village project, run from here in Uganda with no offices, overheads or admin fees, we want to develop a relationship with our small band of volunteers over a period of time in the hope that they will return time and again and watch our students mature into community orientated adults who can help build our village of Ruhanga and move it forward. We hope that many of our volunteers will return to their country of origin having sponsored a child at Team College and be willing to encourage their family and friends to do likewise. There is no requirement whatsoever to contribute anything more than your time, but if you can make that difference it will help a child you have got to know well.

In fact if you have building experience itself we extend a welcome to you as we are always in need of volunteers with construction skills to develop our facilities and carry our repairs to classrooms ~ one classroom wall fell down because of shoddy construction and, to date, we haven't been able to secure funds to repair it!

Please look beyond the physical standards of our school. We have talented kids, a dedicated staff team, a commitment to high standards and together with your help we can build a better future.

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