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Uganda Fiction

An African fiction novel

inspired by real events in Uganda

"Happiness requires something to do, something to love and something to hope for."

"It is better that trials come to you in the beginning and you find peace afterwards than that they come to you in the end."

"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers."

The Lighthouse Project

Set within the beauty of rural western Uganda

Books set in Uganda
Books set in Uganda
Books set in Uganda
Books set in Uganda

When Sheila Knight decided to leave a personal legacy by establishing a volunteer project in East Africa, she could never have imagined the journey that lay ahead nor the world she would be drawn into by Coleb, an orphaned village boy, who wasn't quite the innocent child he at first appeared to be. The Lighthouse Project is inspired by real events and chronicles the development of unlikely friendships built across cultural divides as those loyalties are tested against a background of deception, manipulation and ultimate tragedy.

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Uganda Novel
Uganda Fiction

Meet the main characters.


Sheila Knight, a retired grandmother, wants to leave a legacy during her twilight years.


Callum, Sheila's 14yr old truculent grandson, develops deep and abiding friendships in Uganda.


Coleb, a disturbed orphan seeking a home, harbours a shocking secret.


Ezra, a Ugandan boy, is torn between family loyalty and loyalty to his future. Which will he choose?


Ezra's Uncle Joseph wants to help Sheila with her legacy but what's his real motive?


Ambrose, the seemingly charming businessman, has an agenda of his own and it's going to end in tragedy.